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[kruh-mat-uh-fil-ee-uh, -feel-yuh, kroh-muh-tuh-] /krəˌmæt əˈfɪl i ə, -ˈfil yə, ˌkroʊ mə tə-/

noun, Histology.

chromatophilia chro·mat·o·phil·i·a (krō-māt’ə-fĭl’ē-ə, -fēl’yə, krō’mə-tō-)
Variant of chromophilia.


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  • Chromatophilic

    [kruh-mat-uh-fil, kroh-muh-tuh-] /krəˈmæt ə fɪl, ˈkroʊ mə tə-/ Histology adjective 1. Also, chromatophilic, chromatophilous [kroh-muh-tof-uh-luh s] /ˌkroʊ məˈtɒf ə ləs/ (Show IPA). (def 1). noun 2. (def 2). [kroh-muh-fil] /ˈkroʊ mə fɪl/ Histology adjective 1. Also, chromophilic, chromophilous [kroh-mof-uh-luh s] /kroʊˈmɒf ə ləs/ (Show IPA), chromatophilic, chromatophilous. staining readily. noun 2. a chromophil cell, tissue, […]

  • Chromatophobia

    noun a fear of colors; also called chromophobia , psychrophobia See chromophobia Word Origin chromato- ‘color’ chromatophobia chro·mat·o·pho·bi·a (krō-māt’ə-fō’bē-ə, krō’mə-tō-) n. Variant of chromophobia.

  • Chromatophore

    [kruh-mat-uh-fawr, -fohr, kroh-muh-tuh‐] /krəˈmæt əˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr, ˈkroʊ mə tə‐/ noun 1. Zoology. a cell containing pigment, especially one that through contraction and expansion produces a temporary color, as in cuttlefishes. 2. Botany. one of the colored plastids in plant cells. /ˈkrəʊmətəˌfɔː/ noun 1. a cell in the skin of frogs, chameleons, etc, in which pigment […]

  • Chromatopsia

    chromatopsia chro·ma·top·si·a (krō’mə-tŏp’sē-ə) n. A condition in which objects appear to be abnormally colored or tinged with color. Also called chromatic vision.

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