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Coccygeal muscle

coccygeal muscle n.
A muscle with origin in the spine of the ischium and sacrospinous ligament, with insertion to the sides of the lower part of the sacrum and the upper part of the coccyx, with nerve supply from the third and fourth sacral nerves, and whose action assists in raising and supporting the pelvic floor.


Read Also:

  • Coccygeal nerve

    coccygeal nerve n. The lowest of the spinal nerves, entering into the formation of the coccygeal plexus.

  • Coccygeal plexus

    coccygeal plexus n. A small plexus formed by the fifth sacral and the coccygeal nerves and giving origin to the anococcygeal nerves.

  • Coccygeal sinus

    coccygeal sinus n. A fistula opening in the region of the coccyx due to incomplete closure of the caudal end of the neural tube.

  • Coccygectomy

    coccygectomy coc·cy·gec·to·my (kŏk’sə-jěk’tə-mē) n. Surgical removal of the coccyx.

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