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the clear, potable liquid contained within the young hollow seed of the coconut palm.
the milky, potable but highly perishable liquid contained within the mature hollow coconut.
the milky, potable liquid extracted from grated coconut meat by infusion with boiling water.


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  • Coconut-oil

    noun 1. a white, semisolid fat or nearly colorless fatty oil extracted from coconuts, used chiefly in foods and in the manufacture of soaps, cosmetics, and candles. noun 1. the fatty oil obtained from the meat of the coconut and used for making soap, cosmetics, etc

  • Coconut-palm

    noun 1. a tall, tropical palm, Cocos nucifera, bearing large, hard-shelled seeds enclosed in a thick, fibrous husk. Compare (def 3). noun 1. a tall palm tree, Cocos nucifera, widely planted throughout the tropics, having coconuts as fruits Also called coco palm, coconut tree

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    noun 1. a fairground stall in which balls are thrown to knock coconuts off stands

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