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coxodynia cox·o·dyn·i·a (kŏk’sə-dĭn’ē-ə)
Pain in the hip joint.


Read Also:

  • Coxofemoral

    coxofemoral cox·o·fem·o·ral (kŏk’sə-fěm’ər-əl) adj. Relating to the hipbone and the femur.

  • Coxotuberculosis

    coxotuberculosis cox·o·tu·ber·cu·lo·sis (kŏk’sə-tu-bûr’kyə-lō’sĭs, -tyu-) n. Tuberculous disease of the hip joint.

  • Coxsackie encephalitis

    Coxsackie encephalitis Cox·sack·ie encephalitis (kŏk-sāk’ē, kuk-sä’kē) n. An inflammation of the brain, caused by a coxsackie virus and seen mainly in infants, that chiefly involves the gray matter of the medulla and the spinal cord.

  • Coxsackievirus

    [kok-sak-ee-vahy-ruh s, koo k-sah-kee-] /kɒkˈsæk iˌvaɪ rəs, kʊkˈsɑ ki-/ noun, plural coxsackieviruses. 1. any of a group of viruses closely related to the virus of poliomyelitis, causing certain diseases of humans, as herpangia and epidemic pleurodynia. coxsackievirus or Coxsackie virus n. Any of various Enteroviruses that are associated with a variety of illnesses including herpangina, […]

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