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a crime or series of crimes, such as genocide, directed against a large group because of religion, ethnicity, country of origin, or other reason unconnected with any individual’s responsibility for having committed a criminal act.


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  • Crime-against-nature

    noun 1. Law. . 2. any act considered to be against the laws or designs of nature or one’s religious teachings.

  • Crimean

    [krahy-mee-uh, kri-] /kraɪˈmi ə, krɪ-/ noun 1. the, a peninsula in SE Ukraine, between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. 2. a former autonomous republic of the Soviet Union, now a region of Ukraine. About 10,000 sq. mi. (25,900 sq. km). /kraɪˈmɪən/ adjective 1. of or relating to the Crimea or its inhabitants […]

  • Crimean-astrophysical-observatory

    noun 1. an astronomical observatory near Simferopol, in S Ukraine, having a 102.4-inch (2.6-meter) reflecting telescope.

  • Crimean-gothic

    noun 1. a form of the Gothic language that survived in the Crimea after the extinction of Gothic elsewhere in Europe, known only from a list of words and phrases recorded in the 16th century.

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