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Croupous membrane

croupous membrane n.
See false membrane.


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  • Croupy

    [kroo-pee] /ˈkru pi/ adjective, croupier, croupiest. 1. pertaining to or resembling . 2. affected with .

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    [kroos] /krus/ adjective, Scot. and North England. 1. brisk; lively. [krous] /kraʊs/ noun 1. Russel, 1893–1966, U.S. dramatist. /kruːs/ adjective 1. (Scot & Northern English, dialect) lively, confident, or saucy

  • Croustade

    [kroo-stahd] /kruˈstɑd/ noun 1. a shell of bread or pastry, sometimes of noodles, rice, or mashed potatoes, baked or fried and filled with ragout or the like.

  • Croute

    [kroot] /krut/ noun 1. . /kruːt/ noun 1. a small round of toasted bread on which a savoury mixture is served noun crust, pastry; also, crust of bread Word Origin French ‘crust’ Usage Note cooking; en croûte means ‘in pastry’

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