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Duodenal ampulla

duodenal ampulla n.
The dilated portion of the upper part of the duodenum. Also called duodenal cap.


Read Also:

  • Duodenal cap

    duodenal cap n.

  • Duodenal fossa

    duodenal fossa n. Any of the peritoneal recesses occurring along the duodenum.

  • Duodenal gland

    duodenal gland n. Any of the small, branched, coiled tubular glands situated deeply in the submucosa of the first part of the duodenum and secreting an alkaline mucus that helps neutralize gastric acid in the chyme. Also called Brunner’s gland.

  • Duodenary

    [doo-uh-den-uh-ree, -dee-nuh-ree, dyoo-] /ˌdu əˈdɛn ə ri, -ˈdi nə ri, ˌdyu-/ adjective 1. . /ˌdjuːəˈdiːnərɪ/ adjective 1. of or relating to the number 12; duodecimal

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