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[ee-zee-kair] /ˈi ziˌkɛər/

requiring little care or maintenance:
easy-care fabrics; easy-care furniture.
(esp of a fabric or garment) hardwearing, practical, and requiring no special treatment during washing, cleaning, etc


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  • Easy-chair

    noun 1. an upholstered armchair for lounging. 2. Obsolete. . noun 1. a comfortable upholstered armchair n. 1707, from easy + chair (n.).

  • Easy digging

    noun phrase Anything easily done; piece of cake [1950s+; perhaps fr earlier sense, ”sugar”]

  • Easy eight

    noun phrase An easy job; sinecure: Smith doesn’t relish the work; he tells himself the job’s an easy eight, but wastes his nights drinking away the haunting images of the day (1990s+)

  • Easy does it

    Go carefully, don’t hurry, as in That chest is heavy, so easy does it. [ 1920s ] Also see: go easy

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