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[sid; Spanish theed] /sɪd; Spanish θid/

The (“El Cid Campeador”; Rodrigo Díaz de Bivar) c1040–99, Spanish soldier: hero of the wars against the Moors.
(italics) Le, .
/sɪd; Spanish θið/
El or the. original name Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. ?1043–99, Spanish soldier and hero of the wars against the Moors
(in Britain) Criminal Investigation Department; the detective division of a police force
cruel, inhumane, and degrading: denoting the brutal and demeaning treatment of prisoners

1680s, from Spanish cid “chief, commander,” from Arabic sayyid “lord.” A title given in Spanish literature to Castilian nobleman and warlord Ruy Diaz, Count of Bivar (c.1040-1099).
Choice in Dying
Criminal Investigation Department
Eastern Iowa Airport (Cedar Rapids, IA)


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