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[el foo-staht] /ˌɛl fʊˈstɑt/



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  • El foldo

    noun phrase Academic failure, either general or in a course (1940s+ College students) Related Terms pull an el foldo

  • Elflock

    [elf-lok] /ˈɛlfˌlɒk/ noun 1. a tangled of hair. /ˈɛlfˌlɒk/ noun 1. a lock of hair, fancifully regarded as having been tangled by the elves

  • Ellipsometer

    [ih-lip-som-i-ter, el-ip-, ee-lip-] /ɪ lɪpˈsɒm ɪ tər, ˌɛl ɪp-, ˌi lɪp-/ noun, Optics. 1. an instrument that measures the ellipticity of polarized light, used for determining the thickness of thin films.

  • Ellipt

    [ih-lipt] /ɪˈlɪpt/ verb (used with object), Grammar. 1. to delete by ellipsis.

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