an equation describing the rate of change with time of the velocity of a body, a collection of particles, or a fluid.

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  • Equation-of-time

    noun, Astronomy. 1. apparent time minus mean solar time, ranging from minus 14 minutes in February to over 16 minutes in November. noun 1. the difference between apparent solar time and mean solar time, being at a maximum in February (over 14 minutes) and November (over 16 minutes)

  • Equative

    [ek-wuh-tiv] /ˈɛk wə tɪv/ Grammar adjective 1. belonging to or noting a degree of comparison of adjectives or adverbs that indicates an equality of the quality, quantity, etc., expressed by the adjective or adverb. 2. noting a use of the verb be that equates one term with another in a sentence. 3. noting or pertaining […]

  • Equator

    [ih-kwey-ter] /ɪˈkweɪ tər/ noun 1. the great circle on a sphere or heavenly body whose plane is perpendicular to the axis, equidistant everywhere from the two poles of the sphere or heavenly body. 2. the great circle of the earth that is equidistant from the North Pole and South Pole. 3. a circle separating a […]

  • Equatorial

    [ee-kwuh-tawr-ee-uh l, -tohr-, ek-wuh-] /ˌi kwəˈtɔr i əl, -ˈtoʊr-, ˌɛk wə-/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or near an , especially the of the earth. 2. of, like, or typical of the regions at the earth’s : equatorial temperatures. noun 3. a telescope mounting having two axes of motion, one parallel to the earth’s axis […]

  • Equatorial coordinate system

    equatorial coordinate system (ē’kwə-tôr’ē-əl, ěk’wə-) The coordinate system in which a celestial object’s position on the celestial sphere is described in terms of its declination and right ascension, measured with respect to the celestial equator. Declination and right ascension correspond directly to geographic latitude and longitude as projected outward onto the celestial sphere. Declination is […]

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