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Family balancing

(US) the choosing of the sex of a future child on the basis of how many children of each sex a family already has


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  • Family-bible

    noun 1. a large Bible usually having pages at the front for recording the marriages, births, and deaths in a family. noun 1. a large Bible used for family worship in which births, marriages, and deaths are recorded

  • Family-circle

    noun 1. the closely related members of a family as a group. 2. a section in a theater containing less expensive seats, as the topmost gallery. noun 1. members of a family regarded as a closed group 2. (mainly US) the cheap seating area in a theatre behind or above the dress circle

  • Family compact

    noun (Canadian) 1. the Family Compact, the ruling oligarchy in Upper Canada in the early 19th century 2. (often not capitals) any influential clique

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    noun 1. .

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