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a costume for a ball, masquerade, etc., chosen to please the fancy, usually a costume characteristic of a particular period or place, class of persons, or historical or fictitious character.


Read Also:

  • Fancy-fern

    noun 1. a common fern, Dryopteris austriaca spinulosa, having delicate, lacy leaves and used extensively in floral arrangements.

  • Fancy footwork

    noun phrase Very adroit evasion; clever dodging and maneuver: It will take fancy footwork to explain this one/ The American Medical Association tried a little fast footwork before Congress last week (1900+ Sports)

  • Fancy-free

    [fan-see-free] /ˈfæn siˈfri/ adjective 1. free from any emotional tie or influence, especially that of love. adjective 1. having no commitments; carefree adj. “free from the trammels of love,” 1580s, from fancy (n.) + free (adj.).

  • Fancy-geranium

    noun 1. . noun 1. a geranium, Pelargonium domesticum, of southern Africa, having roundish clusters of large white, pink, or red flowers.

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