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/ˈfærmˌtʊn; ˈfɑːmˌtʊn/
(Scot) a farmhouse together with its outbuildings


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  • Farmwoman

    [fahrm-woo m-uh n] /ˈfɑrmˌwʊm ən/ noun, plural farmwomen. 1. a woman who operates a farm or cultivates land. 2. a woman who lives on a farm.

  • Farmworker

    [fahrm-wur-ker] /ˈfɑrmˌwɜr kər/ noun 1. .

  • Farmyard

    [fahrm-yahrd] /ˈfɑrmˌyɑrd/ noun 1. a or enclosure surrounded by or connected with buildings. /ˈfɑːmˌjɑːd/ noun 1.

  • Farnarkel

    /ˈfɑːnɑːkəl/ verb 1. (Austral, slang) (intransitive) often foll by around. to spend time or act in a careless or inconsequential manner; waste time

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