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a U.S. federal bank for making long-term loans to farmers.


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  • Federal networking council

    (FNC) The coordinating group of representatives from federal agencies involved in the development and use of federal networking, especially those networks using TCP/IP and the Internet. Current members include representatives from DOD, DOE, DARPA, NSF, NASA, and HHS. (1994-11-17)

  • Federal-power-commission

    noun 1. .

  • Federal-register

    noun 1. a bulletin, published daily by the U.S. federal government, containing the schedule of hearings before Congressional and federal agency committees, together with orders, proclamations, etc., released by the executive branch of the government.

  • Federal republic

    noun a form of government made up of a federal state with a constitution and self-governing subunits Examples The United States of America is a federal republic on the continent of North America.

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