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a military reservation in SW California, NE of Barstow.


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    [fawr-tis] /ˈfɔr tɪs/ Phonetics adjective 1. pronounced with considerable muscular tension and breath pressure, resulting in a strong fricative or explosive sound. In stressed position (p, t, k, ch, f, th, s, sh) and sometimes (h) are fortis in English as compared with (b, d, g, j, v, th̸, z, and zh), which are lenis. […]

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    [fawr-tish-uh n] /fɔrˈtɪʃ ən/ noun 1. Phonetics. a phonological process that strengthens consonant articulation at the beginnings of syllables, causing devoicing or the formation of stops. 2. Linguistics. a type of Celtic mutation that derives historically from phonological fortition.

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