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Get naked

verb phrase

To have a good time; really enjoy oneself; jam, party (1980s+)


Read Also:

  • Get nowhere

    Also, not get anywhere. Make no progress, as in I’ve tried to put this together, but I’m getting nowhere with it. This expression is sometimes intensified as get nowhere fast, as in I tried phoning but got nowhere fast. [ Early 1900s ] Also see: get there

  • Get off scot-free

    see: get off , def. 4.

  • Get nowhere fast

    verb phrase To make no progress whatever; be stuck: He was getting nowhere fast and was more depressed (1920s+)

  • Get off the block

    verb phrase To start, esp to start quickly: My game plan was to get off the block first and stay out there [1980s+; fr the starting blocks used by runners for initial impetus]

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