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Get the runaround

Be treated evasively or misleadingly, especially in response to a request. For example, Every time I ask about next year’s plans I get the runaround. The related expression give the runaround means “to treat evasively or misleadingly,” as in He gives her the runaround whenever she asks for time off. [ Early 1900s ]


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  • Get the sack

    verb phrase To be dismissed, with prejudice: If they protested, they got the sack (1825+ British) see under get the ax

  • Get the shaft

    verb phrase To be ill treated; be abused, esp by cruel deception: He thought he’d get promoted, but he got the shaft instead [1950s+; a euphemism for sodomization]

  • Get the shitty end of the stick

    verb phrase (Variations: crappy, cruddy, dirty, little, mucky, rough, shit, shitten, short, thick, or wrong may replace shitty) To be badly and unfairly treated; have the worst of an arrangement or of luck: Pastorini got the shit end of the stick, as usual (entry form 1846+, others later)

  • Get the show on the road

    verb phrase To get started; get under way: Good. Then I can get the show on the road (1940s+) Start an undertaking; begin work. For example, After months of training, the astronauts were eager to get the show on the road . This synonym of get going alludes to a theatrical production going on tour. […]

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