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Give someone the fish-eye

verb phrase

To look or stare at someone in a cold, contemptuous, or menacing way: A well-fed man in tails opened the door, gave them the fish eye/ who gave me such hairy eyeballs that I want to slink back ( fish-eye form 1940s+, others 1960s+)


Read Also:

  • Give someone the foot

    verb phrase To dismiss or eject someone (1940s+)

  • Give someone the glad eye

    verb phrase To look or glance at invitingly; gaze enticingly at: A tipsy actress gives her man, Donald, the glad eye (1903+)

  • Give someone the glad hand

    verb phrase To greet and welcome effusively: I gave ’em all the glad hand, but they voted for the other bum anyway (1895+)

  • Give someone the go-by

    Related Terms give someone or something a miss (or the goby)

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