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Goo-goo eyes

[goo-goo] /ˈguˌgu/

adjective, Older Slang.
expressing adoration; foolishly amorous:
They sat there making goo-goo eyes at each other.

“amorous,” 1900, perhaps connected with goggle, because the earliest reference is in goo-goo eyes. The sense of “baby-talk” is from 1863. Use in reference to politics began 1890s, and seems to be a shortening of Good Government as a movement to clean up municipal corruption in Boston, New York, etc. It soon was extended to mean “naive political reformer.”

noun phrase

Eyes expressing enticement, desire, seduction, etc

Related Terms

make goo-goo eyes

[1897+; probably fr googly, with which it is synonymous in early uses]


Infantile; cooing: talking goo-goo talk to her, like you would to a baby (1863+)


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