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[gran-fah-th er, grand-] /ˈgrænˌfɑ ðər, ˈgrænd-/

the of one’s or mother.
a forefather.
the founder or originator of a family, species, type, etc.; the first of one’s or its kind, or the one being longest in existence:
the grandfather of all steam locomotives.
verb (used with object)
to exempt (something or someone) from new legislation, restrictions, or requirements:
The law grandfathered all banks already operating at the time of passage. He was grandfathered into the pension plan.
/ˈɡrænˌfɑːðə; ˈɡrænd-/
the father of one’s father or mother
(often pl) a male ancestor
(often capital) a familiar term of address for an old man
(dialect) a caterpillar or woodlouse

early 15c., from grand (adj.) + father (n.), probably on analogy of French grand-père. Replaced grandsire and Old English ealdefæder. Grandfather clause originally (1900) referred to exemptions from post-Reconstruction voting restrictions in the U.S. South for men whose forebears had voted before the Civil War. Grandfather clock is c.1880, from the popular song; they were previously known as tall case clocks or eight-day clocks.


To give someone a special status or privilege because of service before the time a new or definitive arrangement is made: Some farmers just got grandfathered in, that’s true

[1900+; fr the grandfather clause often written into new arrangements in order to be fair to older incumbents or practitioners; the date indicates the earliest instance of grandfather clause]


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