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[gran-fah-th er-lee, grand-] /ˈgrænˌfɑ ðər li, ˈgrænd-/

of or characteristic of a .
/ˈɡrænˌfɑːðəlɪ; ˈɡrænd-/
of, resembling, or suitable to a grandfather, esp in being kindly

1824, from grandfather + -ly (1).


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  • Grandfather rights

    noun phrase See grandfathered rights

  • Grand-feu

    [French grahn fœ] /French grɑ̃ ˈfœ/ noun, Ceramics. 1. a firing of ceramics at a high temperature. 2. the category of ceramic colors fired at high temperature.

  • Grand-finale

    noun 1. the concluding portion of a performance or entertainment, as a musical show, rodeo, etc., usually spectacular and involving most or all of the prior participants.

  • Grand-fir

    noun 1. a large fir, Abies grandis, of the western coast of North America, having a narrow, pointed crown and yielding a soft wood used for lumber, pulp, and boxes.

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