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[greyt-gran-pair-uh nt, -par-, -grand-] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌpɛər ənt, -ˌpær-, -ˈgrænd-/

a grandfather or grandmother of one’s father or mother.


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  • Great-grandson

    [greyt-gran-suhn, -grand-] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌsʌn, -ˈgrænd-/ noun 1. a grandson of one’s son or daughter.

  • Great-gray-owl

    noun 1. a large, dish-faced, gray owl, Strix nebulosa, of northern North America and western Eurasia, having streaked and barred plumage.

  • Great-gross

    noun 1. a unit of quantity equivalent to 12 gross. Abbreviation: GGR. noun 1. a unit of quantity equal to one dozen gross (or 1728)

  • Great-guns

    adverb 1. Informal. in a relentlessly energetic or successful manner: The new president has the company going great guns. interjection 2. (used as an expression of surprise, astonishment, etc.). Related Terms go great guns 1. Very energetically or successfully. This colloquial expression usually occurs in the phrase go great guns, as in They’re going great […]

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