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His Serene Highness.
Her Serene Highness.


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  • Hsi

    /ʃiː/ noun 1. a variant spelling of Xi 1. Health Services International 2. Hispanic-serving institution 3. hyperspectral imaging

  • Hsia

    [shyah] /ʃyɑ/ noun 1. a legendary dynasty in China, the traditional dates of which are 2205–1766 b.c.

  • Hsia kuei

    /ˈʃjɑː ˈkweɪ/ noun 1. See Xia Gui

  • Hsiamen

    [Chinese shyah-muhn] /Chinese ˈʃyɑˈmʌn/ noun, Wade-Giles. 1. .

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