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any of various seals having coarse hair and no soft underfur.
any earless seal, esp the harbour seal, having a coat of stiff hair with no underfur


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  • Hair sheep

    noun 1. any variety of sheep growing hair instead of wool, yielding hides with a finer and tougher grain than those of wool sheep

  • Hair-shirt

    noun 1. a garment of coarse haircloth, worn next to the skin as a penance by ascetics and penitents. 2. self-imposed punishment, suffering, sacrifice, or penance. noun 1. a shirt made of haircloth worn next to the skin as a penance 2. a secret trouble or affliction n. garment of ascetics and penitents, 1680s, from […]

  • Hair slide

    noun 1. a hinged clip with a tortoiseshell, bone, or similar back, used to fasten the hair

  • Hair-space

    noun, Printing. 1. the thinnest metal space used to separate words, symbols, etc. noun 1. (printing) the thinnest of the metal spaces used in setting type to separate letters or words

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