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[hang-kee-pang-kee] /ˈhæŋ kiˈpæŋ ki/

noun, Informal.
unethical behavior; deceit:
When the bank teller bought an expensive car and house, they suspected there might be some hanky-panky going on.
illicit sexual relations.
noun (informal)
dubious or suspicious behaviour
foolish behaviour or talk
illicit sexual relations

also hanky panky, 1841, “trickery,” British slang, possibly a variant of hoky-poky “deception, fraud,” altered from hocus-pocus.


Anything dishonest, deceptive, or unethical; esp, in recent use, sexual infidelity; monkey business: She seems just to be along for some hanky-panky with her pal, General Von Griem/ can be an assurance against clandestine wrongdoing and political hanky-panky (1841+)


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