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hemorrhagenic hem·or·rha·gen·ic (hěm’ər-ə-jěn’ĭk)
Causing or producing hemorrhage.


Read Also:

  • Hemorrhagic

    [hem-er-ij, hem-rij] /ˈhɛm ər ɪdʒ, ˈhɛm rɪdʒ/ noun 1. a profuse discharge of blood, as from a ruptured blood vessel; bleeding. 2. the loss of assets, especially in large amounts. 3. any widespread or uncontrolled loss or diffusion. verb (used without object), hemorrhaged, hemorrhaging. 4. to bleed profusely. 5. to lose assets, especially in large […]

  • Hemorrhagic ascites

    hemorrhagic ascites n. The presence of blood-stained serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity.

  • Hemorrhagic colitis

    hemorrhagic colitis n. Abdominal cramps and bloody diarrhea, without fever, attributed to a self-limited infection by a strain of Escherichia coli.

  • Hemorrhagic cyst

    hemorrhagic cyst n. A cyst containing blood or resulting from the encapsulation of a hematoma. Also called blood cyst, hematocele, hematocyst.

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