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Hemorrhagic ascites

hemorrhagic ascites n.
The presence of blood-stained serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity.


Read Also:

  • Hemorrhagic colitis

    hemorrhagic colitis n. Abdominal cramps and bloody diarrhea, without fever, attributed to a self-limited infection by a strain of Escherichia coli.

  • Hemorrhagic cyst

    hemorrhagic cyst n. A cyst containing blood or resulting from the encapsulation of a hematoma. Also called blood cyst, hematocele, hematocyst.

  • Hemorrhagic disease of newborn

    hemorrhagic disease of newborn n. A syndrome marked by spontaneous internal or external bleeding with hypoprothrombinemia and by markedly elevated bleeding and clotting times, usually occurring between the third and sixth day after birth.

  • Hemorrhagic endovasculitis

    hemorrhagic endovasculitis n. Endothelial and medial hyperplasia of placental blood vessels with thrombosis, fragmentation, and diapedesis of red blood cells resulting in stillbirth or fetal developmental disorders.

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