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Henry knox

[noks] /nɒks/

(William) Frank(lin) 1874–1944, U.S. publisher and government official.
Henry, 1750–1806, American Revolutionary general: 1st U.S. secretary of war 1785–94.
John, c1510–72, Scottish religious reformer and historian.
Philander Chase
[fi-lan-der] /fɪˈlæn dər/ (Show IPA), 1853–1921, U.S. lawyer and politician: secretary of state 1909–13.
Fort. .
John. ?1514–72, Scottish theologian and historian. After exile in England and on the Continent (1547–59), he returned to Scotland in 1559 and established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1560). His chief historical work was the History of the Reformation in Scotland (1586)
Ronald (Arbuthnott). 1888–1957, British priest and author. A convert to Roman Catholicism, he is noted for his translation of the Vulgate (1945–49)


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