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hepatogastric hep·a·to·gas·tric (hěp’ə-tō-gās’trĭk)
Relating to the liver and the stomach.


Read Also:

  • Hepatofugal

    hepatofugal hep·a·tof·u·gal (hěp’ə-tŏf’yə-gəl, -tō-fyōō’-) adj. Flowing away from the liver.

  • Hepatoenteric

    hepatoenteric hep·a·to·en·ter·ic (hěp’ə-tō-ěn-těr’ĭk) adj. Relating to the liver and the intestine.

  • Hepatodynia

    hepatodynia hep·a·to·dyn·i·a (hěp’ə-tō-dĭn’ē-ə) n. See hepatalgia.

  • Hepatocyte

    [hep-uh-tuh-sahyt, hi-pat-uh-] /ˈhɛp ə təˌsaɪt, hɪˈpæt ə-/ noun 1. a cell of the main tissue of the liver; liver cell. hepatocyte hep·a·to·cyte (hěp’ə-tə-sīt’, hĭ-pāt’ə-) n. A parenchymal liver cell.

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