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Herbert hoover

Herbert (Clark) 1874–1964, 31st president of the U.S. 1929–33.
J(ohn) Edgar, 1895–1972, U.S. government official: director of the FBI 1924–72.
Lou Henry, 1874–1944, U.S. First Lady 1929–33 (wife of Herbert Hoover).
a town in N central Alabama.
Contemporary Examples

Why Believe Romney Now, After His Lies on Medicare, Bain & Taxes? Robert Shrum August 21, 2012
Obama’s a Lock in 2012 Peter Beinart October 5, 2010
Two Men Blind to History Harold Evans October 26, 2008
A Short History of American Rage Michael Kazin March 16, 2009
Return of the Boozy Politician Rebecca Dana, Samuel P. Jacobs November 4, 2010

Historical Examples

Some War-time Lessons Frederick P. (Frederick Paul) Keppel
Herbert Hoover Vernon Kellogg
Herbert Hoover Vernon Kellogg
Herbert Hoover Vernon Kellogg
Herbert Hoover Vernon Kellogg

trademark a type of vacuum cleaner
verb (usually not capital)
to vacuum-clean (a carpet, furniture, etc)
(transitive) often foll by up. to consume or dispose of (something) quickly and completely: he hoovered up his grilled fish
Herbert (Clark). 1874–1964, US statesman; 31st president of the US (1929–33). He organized relief for Europe during and after World War I, but as president he lost favour after his failure to alleviate the effects of the Depression
J(ohn) Edgar. 1895–1972, US lawyer: director of the FBI (1924–72). He used new scientific methods to combat crime, including the first fingerprint file

To eat or drink up, esp greedily: instead of the moussaka and lamb that everyone else was hoovering
To do fellatio or cunnilingus with or to; eat: Will you hoover me immediately, before I pay any attention to you
o elicit information from: a chance to hoover your brains


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