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Hereditary lymphedema

hereditary lymphedema n.
Permanent pitting edema, usually confined to the lower extremities. Also called trophedema.


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  • Hereditary opalescent dentin

    hereditary opalescent dentin n. See dentinogenesis imperfecta.

  • Hereditary multiple exostoses

    hereditary multiple exostoses pl.n. An inherited disturbance of enchondral bone growth in which multiple osteochondromas of long bones appear during childhood, with shortening of the radius and fibula. Also called diaphysial aclasis, osteochondromatosis.

  • Hereditary peerage

    noun See hereditary peer

  • Heraclius

    [her-uh-klahy-uh s, hi-rak-lee-uh s] /ˌhɛr əˈklaɪ əs, hɪˈræk li əs/ noun 1. a.d. 575?–641, Byzantine emperor 610–641. /hɛˈræklɪəs/ noun 1. ?575–641 ad, Byzantine emperor, who restored the Holy Cross to Jerusalem (629)

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