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Heroin chic

the perceived glamorization of heroin and the characteristics associated with heroin addicts, such as gauntness and hollow eyes


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    [her-oh-in] /ˈhɛr oʊ ɪn/ noun 1. a woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities. 2. the principal female character in a story, play, film, etc. /ˈhɛrəʊɪn/ noun 1. a woman possessing heroic qualities 2. a woman idealized for possessing superior qualities 3. the main female character in a […]

  • Heroinism

    heroinism her·o·in·ism (hěr’ō-ĭ-nĭz’əm) n. Addiction to heroin.

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