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[hur-soo-chuh-luh s] /hɜrˈsu tʃə ləs/



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  • Hirtellous

    [hur-tel-uh s] /hɜrˈtɛl əs/ adjective 1. minutely hirsute.

  • Hiru

    Health Information Research Unit

  • Hirudicide

    hirudicide hi·ru·di·cide (hĭ-rōō’dĭ-sīd’) n. An agent that kills leeches.

  • Hirudin

    [hir-yuh-din, hir-uh-, hi-rood-n] /ˈhɪr yə dɪn, ˈhɪr ə-, hɪˈrud n/ noun 1. a gray or white, water-soluble acidic polypeptide obtained from the buccal gland of leeches, used in medicine chiefly as an anticoagulant. /hɪˈruːdɪn/ noun 1. (med) an anticoagulant extracted from the mouth glands of leeches hirudin hir·u·din (hĭ-rōōd’n, hēr’ə-dən, -yə-) n. A substance extracted […]

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