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[hawr-uh-tel-ik] /ˌhɔr əˈtɛl ɪk/

adjective, Biology.
of or relating to evolution at a rate standard for a given group of plants or animals.


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  • Horovitz

    [hawr-uh-vits, hor‐] /ˈhɔr ə vɪts, ˈhɒr‐/ noun 1. Israel, born 1939, U.S. playwright.

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    [hawr-uh-wits, hor] /ˈhɔr ə wɪts, ˈhɒr/ noun 1. Vladimir [vlad-uh-meer,, vla-dee-meer] /ˈvlæd əˌmɪər,, vlæˈdi mɪər/ (Show IPA), 1904–89, U.S. pianist, born in Russia. /ˈhɒrəvɪts/ noun 1. Vladimir. 1904–89, Russian virtuoso pianist, in the US from 1928

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    [haw-ren-duh s, ho-] /hɔˈrɛn dəs, hɒ-/ adjective 1. shockingly dreadful; horrible: a horrendous crime. /hɒˈrɛndəs/ adjective 1. another word for horrific adj. 1650s, from Latin horrendus “dreadful, fearful, terrible,” literally “to be shuddered at,” gerundive of horrere “to bristle with fear, shudder” (see horror). Earlier form in English was horrend (mid-15c.).

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