[hawrs-hair] /ˈhɔrsˌhɛər/

a hair or the hair of a horse, especially from the mane or tail.
a sturdy, glossy fabric woven of this hair.
of or relating to horsehair:
a horsehair mattress.


late 14c., from horse (n.) + hair.

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  • Horsehair-blight fungus

    [hawrs-hair-blahyt] /ˈhɔrsˌhɛərˌblaɪt/ noun 1. a fungal parasite, Marasmius equicrinis, that causes a disease of certain tropical plants, especially tea.

  • Horsehair-fungus

    noun 1. an edible white, striated, umbrella-capped mushroom, Marasmius rotula, commonly found in eastern North America.

  • Horsehair toadstool

    noun 1. a small basidiomycetous fungus, Marasmius androsaceus, having a rusty coloured cap and very slender black stems. It is related to the fairy ring mushroom, but is commonly found among conifers and heather

  • Horsehair-worm

    noun 1. any long, slender worm of the phylum Nematomorpha, developing parasitically on insects and crustaceans, and free-living as adults in streams and ponds. noun 1. another name for hairworm (sense 2)

  • Horsehead

    [hawrs-hed] /ˈhɔrsˌhɛd/ noun, plural horseheads (especially collectively) horsehead. 1. (def 1).

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