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Inferior ganglion of vagus

inferior ganglion of vagus n.
A large sensory ganglion of the vagus nerve, in front of the internal jugular vein.


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  • Inferior gemellus muscle

    inferior gemellus muscle inferior ge·mel·lus muscle (jə-měl’əs) n. A muscle with its origin from the tuberosity of the ischium, with insertion to the tendon of the internal obturator muscle, with nerve supply from the sacral plexus, and whose action rotates the thigh laterally.

  • Inferior gluteal nerve

    inferior gluteal nerve n. A nerve that arises from the fifth lumbar nerve and the first and second sacral nerves and supplies the gluteus maximus muscle.

  • Inferior gluteal vein

    inferior gluteal vein n. Any of the accompanying veins of the inferior gluteal artery uniting into a common trunk that empties into the internal iliac vein.

  • Inferior-goods

    plural noun, Economics. 1. commodities that are less in demand as consumer income rises.

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