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Influenza b

influenza B n.
Influenza caused by infection with influenza virus type B.


Read Also:

  • Influenzal pneumonia

    influenzal pneumonia n.

  • Influenza c

    influenza C n. Influenza caused by infection with a strain of influenza virus type C.

  • Influenza virus

    influenza virus n. Any of three viruses of the genus Influenzavirus designated type A, type B, and type C, that cause influenza and influenzalike infections.

  • Influenzavirus

    Influenzavirus In·flu·en·za·vi·rus (ĭn’flōō-ěn’zə-vī’rəs) n. A genus of the Orthomyxoviridae family, including the viruses that cause influenza A and B; each type has a stable nucleoprotein group antigen common to all strains of the type, but distinct from that of the other type.

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