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Juvenile papillomatosis

juvenile papillomatosis n.
A form of fibrocystic disease of the breast in young women, with florid and sclerosing adenosis that microscopically may suggest carcinoma.


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  • Juvenile pelvis

    juvenile pelvis n. A pelvis justo minor in which the bones are slender.

  • Juvenile polyp

    juvenile polyp n. A smoothly rounded mucosal hamartoma of the large intestine, which may be multiple and cause rectal bleeding, especially in the first decade of life.

  • Juvenile retinoschisis

    juvenile retinoschisis n. A hereditary retinoschisis occurring in children under the age of 10 and characterized by cyst development within the nerve fiber layer of the retina, often with macular involvement.

  • Juvenile-rheumatoid-arthritis

    noun, Pathology. 1. rheumatoid arthritis that begins before puberty, often preceded by such symptoms as fever, patchy rash, and weight loss. juvenile rheumatoid arthritis n. See juvenile arthritis.

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