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Keep abreast of

Stay or cause to stay up-to-date with, as in He’s keeping abreast of the latest weather reports, or Please keep me abreast of any change in his condition. This term alludes to the nautical sense of abreast, which describes ships keeping up with each other. [ Late 1600s ]


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  • Keep after

    Make a persistent effort regarding; also, persistently urge someone to do something. For example, We’ll have to keep after the cobwebs , or He won’t get anything done unless you keep after him . Also see keep at , def. 2.

  • Keep a low profile

    verb phrase To stay inconspicuous; try not to attract much attention: Better keep a low profile until this blows over [1975+; originally a military term, based on the idea of offering a small target; low profile is found by the 1960s] Stay out of public notice, avoid attracting attention to oneself. For example, Until his […]

  • Keep a straight face

    Don’t show one’s feelings, especially refrain from laughing. For example, The school orchestra played so many wrong notes that I had trouble keeping a straight face. [ Late 1800s ]

  • Keep a sharp lookout

    see: keep an eye out for

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