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Kiss someone out

verb phrase

To deny someone their share: When a member of a mob is deprived of his share he is ”kissed out” (1920s+ Underworld)


Read Also:

  • Kiss something goodbye

    verb phrase To take leave of something, often unwillingly; bid farewell: I figure, this is it, say your prayers and kiss your butt goodbye (1930s+)

  • Kiss the canvas

    verb phrase To be knocked down in a fight (entry form 1922+, variant 1919+) verb phrase To be knocked unconscious, esp in a boxing match (1919+)

  • Kiss the dust

    verb phrase bite the dust (1940s+)

  • Kiss up to

    verb phrase To flatter obsequiously: kisses up to the popular crowd verb phrase To do fellatio or cunnilingus; blow, GO DOWN ON someone (1928+)

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