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[Sephardic Hebrew kawl nee-drey; Ashkenazic Hebrew kohl nid-ruh, -rey] /Sephardic Hebrew kɔl niˈdreɪ; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈkoʊl ˈnɪd rə, -reɪ/

noun, Judaism.
a liturgical prayer for recitation at the beginning of the service on the eve of Yom Kippur asking that all unfulfilled vows to God be nullified and all transgressions forgiven.
/kɔːl ˈnɪdreɪ; Hebrew kɔl niːˈdre/
noun (Judaism)
the evening service with which Yom Kippur begins
the opening prayer of that service, declaring null in advance any purely religious vows one may come to make in the coming year


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