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a variant of keffiyeh


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  • Kufiyeh

    [kuh-fee-uh] /kəˈfi ə/ noun 1. . [kuh-fee-uh] /kəˈfi ə/ noun 1. an Arab headdress for men; made from a diagonally folded square of cloth held in place by an agal wound around the head. /kæˈfiːjə/ noun 1. a variant of keffiyeh

  • Kufs disease

    Kufs disease (kŭfs, kufs) n. The adult type of cerebral sphingolipidosis.

  • Kugel

    [koo-guh l, koo g-uh l] /ˈku gəl, ˈkʊg əl/ noun, Jewish Cookery. 1. a baked casserole resembling a soufflé or pudding. /kuːɡəl/ noun (South African, censorious, slang) 1. a young Jewish woman from a wealthy background who is seen as being excessively materialistic

  • Kugelhopf

    [koo-guh l-hopf, -hawpf] /ˈku gəlˌhɒpf, -ˌhɔpf/ noun, German Cookery. 1. a sweetened bread, flavored with raisins and almonds, baked in a ring-shaped mold, and usually dusted with powdered sugar before serving.

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