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Lacunar ligament

lacunar ligament n.
A curved fibrous band that forms the medial boundary of the femoral canal.


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  • Lacunose

    [luh-kyoo-nohs] /ləˈkyu noʊs/ adjective 1. full of or having lacunae.

  • Lacunule

    [luh-kyoo-nyool] /ləˈkyu nyul/ noun 1. a small . lacunule la·cu·nule (lə-kyōō’nyōōl’) n. A very small lacuna.

  • Lacus

    lacus la·cus (lā’kəs) n. pl. lacus A lake.

  • Lacus-solis

    [lak-uh s soh-lis] /ˈlæk əs ˈsoʊ lɪs/ noun 1. an area in the southern hemisphere of Mars.

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