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[land-oh-ner] /ˈlændˌoʊ nər/

an or proprietor of .
a person who owns land


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  • Land-patent

    noun 1. an official document by which title to a portion of public land is conveyed from the government.

  • Landrace

    [land-reys, lahnd-rah-suh] /ˈlænd reɪs, ˈlɑnd rɑ sə/ noun 1. one of several widely distributed strains of large, white, lop-eared swine of northern European origin. /ˈlændˌreɪs/ noun 1. (mainly Brit) a white very long-bodied lop-eared breed of pork pig 2. a breed of Finnish sheep known for multiple births 3. (botany) an ancient or primitive cultivated […]

  • Land-rail

    noun 1. . noun 1. another name for corncrake

  • Land-reform

    noun 1. any program, especially when undertaken by a national government, involving the redistribution of agricultural land among the landless. noun 1. the redistributing of large agricultural holdings among the landless

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