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[law-fuh l] /ˈlɔ fəl/

allowed or permitted by ; not contrary to :
a lawful enterprise.
recognized or sanctioned by ; legitimate:
a lawful marriage; a lawful heir.
appointed or recognized by ; legally qualified:
a lawful king.
acting or living according to the ; law-abiding:
a lawful man; a lawful community.
allowed, recognized, or sanctioned by law; legal

c.1300, laghful; cf. Old Norse logfullr (see law). Related: Lawfully; lawfulness.


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    [law-giv-er] /ˈlɔˌgɪv ər/ noun 1. a person who promulgates a law or a code of laws. /ˈlɔːˌɡɪvə/ noun 1. the giver of a code of laws 2. Also called lawmaker. a maker of laws

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