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[lil-ee-turf] /ˈlɪl iˌtɜrf/



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  • Lily-trotter

    [lil-ee-trot-er] /ˈlɪl iˌtrɒt ər/ noun 1. . noun 1. another name for jaçana

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    [ponz; French pawns] /pɒnz; French pɔ̃s/ noun 1. Lily [lil-ee;; French lee-lee] /ˈlɪl i;; French liˈli/ (Show IPA), 1904–76, U.S. operatic soprano, born in France. /pɒnz/ noun (pl) pontes (ˈpɒntiːz) 1. a bridge of connecting tissue 2. short for pons Varolii n. “bridge,” in various Latin expressions, from Latin pons “bridge, connecting gallery, walkway,” earlier […]

  • Lily-pad

    noun 1. the large, floating leaf of a water lily. noun 1. any of the floating leaves of a water lily

  • Limit man

    noun 1. (in a handicap sport or game) the competitor with the maximum handicap

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