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Little shaver

noun phrase

A young boy (1843+)


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  • Little shit

    noun phrase A nasty or insignificant person; creep: die, you little shit

  • Little smalltalk

    A line-oriented near-subset of Smalltalk-80 written in C by Tim Budd . Version 3 runs on Unix, IBM PC, Atari and VMS. (ftp://cs.orst.edu/pub/budd/). [“A Little Smalltalk”, Timothy Budd, A-W 1987].

  • Little-slam

    noun, Bridge. 1. the winning of twelve of the thirteen tricks of a deal. Also called small slam. Compare (def 1). noun 1. (bridge) the winning of all tricks except one by one side, or the contract to do so Also called small slam

  • Little-spotted-cat

    noun 1. a small New World tiger cat, Felis tigrinus, ranging from Costa Rica to northern Argentina.

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