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noun, Navigation.
the longitude of the position of a vessel as estimated by dead reckoning.


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  • Longitudinal

    [lon-ji-tood-n-l, -tyood-] /ˌlɒn dʒɪˈtud n l, -ˈtyud-/ adjective 1. of or relating to or length: longitudinal measurement. 2. extending in the direction of the length of a thing; running lengthwise: a thin, longitudinal stripe. 3. Zoology. pertaining to or extending along the long axis of the body, or the direction from front to back, or […]

  • Longitudinal aberration

    longitudinal aberration n. The distance separating the focus of paraxial and peripheral rays on the optic axis in spherical aberration.

  • Longitudinal-coefficient

    noun, Naval Architecture. 1. the ratio of the immersed volume of a hull to the product obtained by multiplying its length on the water line by the immersed area of the midship transverse section, all assuming a given depth of immersion of the hull.

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    longitudinal dune (lŏn’jĭ-td’n-əl) A large, elongated dune lying parallel to the prevailing wind direction. Longitudinal dunes usually have symmetrical cross sections. They generally form in areas that are located behind an obstacle where sand is abundant and the wind is constant and strong. They are usually tens of meters high and up to 100 km […]

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