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Louis VI

(“the Fat”) 1081–1137, king of France 1108–37.


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  • Louis VII

    noun 1. (“the Young”) 1121?–80, king of France 1137–80 (son of Louis VI). noun 1. known as Louis le Jeune. c. 1120–80, king of France (1137–80). He engaged in frequent hostilities (1152–74) with Henry II of England

  • Louis viii

    noun 1. known as Coeur-de-Lion. 1187–1226, king of France (1223–26). He was offered the English throne by opponents of King John but his invasion failed (1216)

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  • Louis XII

    noun 1. (“the Father of the People”) 1462–1515, king of France 1498–1515. noun 1. 1462–1515, king of France (1498–1515), who fought a series of unsuccessful wars in Italy

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